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Assalamu`alaykum ww

Konon kabarnya Silicon-based electronic devices yang menggunakan MOSFET akan
berakhir pada 2012 (http://www.aep.cornell.edu/pdf/gox-comment.pdf). Sayangnya
Hukum Moore mengatakan, chip devices akan mengkerut ukurannya s/d tahun 2060

Sependek pengetahuan saya, kandidat paling kuat adalah spintronics, sebagaimana
terdapat di artikel2x berikut dibawah.

{kalau berminat paper2xnya, dapat saya kasih}

Semoga revolusi teknologi yang satu ini, orang Indonesia dan umat Islam secara khusus, tidak ketinggalan. Melihat
kesungguhan Jepang, rasanya kita harus iri. Jagoan dibidang Quantum Computing
dan Spintronics, Jepang punya banyak pemain. Mereka punya banyak ahli yang
berkali-kali publish di Nature, Science, Physical Review Letter dsb.

The transmission of One of the central themes of this Special Issue is that 
engineers and scientists are now entering into a golden age of quantum
measurement theory and experiment. Today’s “informatic” technologies are
required to operate at maximum speed, and achieve maximum sensitivity, while
consuming minimal power. As the engineering community presses against the
quantum limits to speed, sensitivity, and power, they are scrutinizing the
physics literature for practical guidance on how to approach these limits. The
resulting cross-disciplinary fertilization is good for both physicists and

{Scanning the issue special issue on spintronics
Wolf, S.A. Treger, D.M.
Strategic Analysis, Inc.;
This paper appears in: Proceedings of the IEEE
Publication Date: May 2003
Volume: 91, Issue: 5
On page(s): 647- 651
ISSN: 0018-9219
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/JPROC.2003.811809
Current Version Published: 2003-05-21}

“Perhaps the mechanism for driving the next new technology based
on semiconductor spintronics is already known, and among the wide
variety of interesting device physics effects produced from the past
decade of intensive research. It may now be time for circuit designers
and systems engineers to take a closer look at these demonstrated
mechanisms to see how a semiconductor spintronics architecture
should be assembled. Even if that is not yet possible, systems and
circuit engineers may greatly help the field of semiconductor
spintronics by identifying those areas that most need progress in
order to achieve a commercially viable technology.”

Nature Physics 3, 153 – 159 (2007)

Wassalamu`alaykum ww


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