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Kasus ini sudah cukup lama, tapi tidak salah untuk dibaca lagi:

Controversy regarding Nobel Prize

There was a controversy involving Sudarshan and the Nobel Prize in
Physics for 2005. Several physicists wrote a letter to the Swedish
Academy, protesting that Sudarshan should have been awarded a share of
the Prize for the Sudarshan-Glauber representation (or Sudarshan
diagonal representation) in quantum optics, for which Roy J. Glauber
won his share of the prize. Because the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will
restrict the number of Nobel Prize winners to three in a given year,
the Nobel Committee has often been criticized for allegedly ignoring
scientists who did seminal work on a topic while awarding a prize to
other scientists for the same topic.[2]

For the first time, Sudarshan himself has broken his silence over the
Nobel controversy. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, he expressed
frustration at the way he was ignored for top science honours, saying
“The 2005 Nobel prize for Physics was awarded for my work, but I
wasn’t the one to get it. Each one of the discoveries that the Nobel
was given for were based on my research.”[3]

About having been denied the Nobel in 1979 as well, Sudarshan said,
“Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam built on work I had
done as a 26-year-old student. If you give a prize for a building,
shouldn’t the fellow who built the first floor be given the prize
before those who built the second floor?”

See also Matthew Effect

Sumber: http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ George_Sudarshan


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