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Masalah banjir yang makin parah, pengangguran yang makin banyak, krisis kedele dan masalah-masalah lain yang semakin akut, mengharuskan bangsa ini seharusnya berfikir, bahwa tak semestinya kita hanya menjadi calo.

Calo mobil, calo narkoba, calo kedele, calo TKI, dst …

Cita-cita saya, kelak bangsa ini akan dipenuhi ilmuwan, guru dan engineer yang dapat memberikan solusi besar bagi masalah bangsanya.

Minimal itu dimulai dari setiap dari kita …

Amiin …


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My Opinion about TQC 2008

I am very pleased with Theoretical Quantum Computation Workshop 2008 which was held at Tokyo University.

I think it was very impressive.

In this workshop, I can meet with distinguishes scientists who can only be usually read the name from scientific papers such
as Prof. Cirac (Max Planck, Garching), Jens Eisert (Imperial College, London), and the others.

Especially, I am very interested to follow Prof. Cirac presentation.

His idea about the implementation topological quantum computation is great; his idea to implement Kitaev idea to the real physical system must be appreciated highly. This is his paper related to his talks: “Topology in Quantum States PEPS and Beyond“ http://www.iop.org/EJ/article/1742-6596/87/1/012003/

The idea of Eisert also must be seen as great a new idea in quantum computation. His idea in quantum computation must be considered in my research.

During the workshop, I informally talked with several people as Yasuhiro Takahashi (NTT), Niel de Beaudrap, and other people from IQC, Canada. I have a new insight from Yashuhiro when I was visiting his research stand/poster on this workshop. I am very interested to learn his quantum circuit about ripple new carry adder since the ancillary qubits of his circuit is zero. I think his result must be included in my paper. Then, I did fruitful discussion with Niel from IQC. His suggestion about measurement-based quantum computation also gave me a new insight on this topic.

On the Banquet event, I also have been encouraged informally by Dimitri Maslov about his bright idea about the idea of QC. His presentation about Quantum Attack on Elliptic Curve Cryptography was also very interesting and can be the real open problem in computer science. Also on the Banquet event, it was an honor that I can follow conversation between Prof. Rodney Van Meter, Prof. Cirac and Mr. Jen Eisert.

Furthermore, Prof. Rodney Van Meter presentation in the end of this workshop and William Munro (HP, Bristol) also gave a great path about how the engineering of quantum computer should be. I am skeptic that QC will be implemented in 2020; may be before 2020 we can see the full-quantum computer-contained computer.

Hopefully, next year will be my first presentation since I will submit a paper in this February.

NB: If I can give a suggestion, as I mentioned before, you must consider Kitaev`s work if you are interested in Quantum Computation. His ideas have been cited in every talks here. When I talked with Dmitri Maslov, he said Kitaev could be the best candidate of next Shannon in the next time …

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